Hur kan man bevara spel?

Dan Pinchbeck kommer till Kulturanatomen den 7 april i serien ”digital culture and games” i HEX regi.

How to Preserve Digital Games (and How Not To)
Games are a vital part of contemporary culture and the most important emerging media form of the early 21st century. The rapid development of the medium and proliferation of artifacts, coupled with the rate of obsolescence of technological platforms presents unique challenges for digital preservation. Libraries, museums and other cultural heritage organizations have been slow to respond to these challenges, and there is still a profound lack of preservation of these important objects outside fan communities. A hugely significant part of contemporary culture, caught between a lack of strategic preservation and substantial technical challenges, is extremely vulnerable and risks being lost for future generations.
This lecture presents a state of play in international game preservation and the challenges facing us as game scholars, preservationists, developers and players. How do we ensure we capture this fragile history, overcome the issues of copyright, user-generated content, obsolescence of preservation platforms, hardware interfaces and the impossibility of capturing player experience?

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